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The Kutcher Condo

Once we are talking about condominiums in Singapore, there are basically 3 types – mass market, mid-market and the high-end condominiums. A condominium including leased land, or an interest therein, within which no models are situated or to be located shall not be deemed a leasehold condominium throughout the meaning of this chapter. The affiliation of residence house owners is often known as a Co-operative Housing Society (CHS) which must be registered with the municipal authorities.

A. If there is no unit proprietor apart from the declarant, the declarant might unilaterally terminate the condominium. Thereafter, the unit house owners’ affiliation shall have powers necessary and acceptable to effect the sale. It’s a lot harder to manipulate, as the individual unit homeowners usually must agree unanimously or court intervention is required.condo

If there is an condominium beneath not owned by owner of townhouse it isn’t a townhouse only a bi-degree house, condominium. During a gathering at which the agenda is limited to specific topics or at a special assembly, the chief organ may restrict the comments of unit owners to the topics listed on the assembly agenda.

G. This part shall not apply to any discover associated to an enforcement action …