Useful Tips for Renting or Selling Luxury Properties in London

The idea of renting or selling luxury properties in London may sound intimidating, but it needn’t be so. To the contrary, people who keep the following strategies in mind should soon find a beautiful flat to rent or a buyer who offers just the right price.

Renting Tips


Naturally, the first issue to consider when seeking a rental home is location. If a person is looking to find a luxury property to rent in Hampstead, for example, not just any Hampstead rental will do. Instead, the right flat will be in a spot that isn’t too noisy, and it will afford a great view.

Are any construction projects scheduled for a particular neighbourhood? If so, it might make sense to look elsewhere. New buildings can alter a street’s character.


Obviously, a list of preferred amenities will vary from renter to renter, but those lists often include pet services, concierge service, fast lifts, in-home washing machines, fast internet and fully-equipped bars. Without the right amenities, a flat just won’t feel like home.

Limited Choices

Some prospective renters believe they should look at as many options as they can. However, this approach can be confusing and frustrating, and it wastes time.

A wiser option is to have a real estate agent narrow down the possibilities. That way, the renter can study a few excellent choices in detail and select the one that suits his or her needs.

Selling Tips


Before selling a property, it helps to spring for one or more remodelling projects. Remodelling can attract larger pools of potential buyers and ultimately earn higher prices. Replacing cheaper building materials with their high-spec counterparts is often a great idea, and replacing old doors, old siding and outdated kitchen features can be equally valuable.


A luxury property for sale in Maida Vale or any other desired area will compete with many other properties on the market. Thus, during showings, it must be as attractive as it can be.

The home should be absolutely free of clutter and sparkling clean throughout. Furthermore, a professional stager can employ sophisticated lighting and redecorating techniques to greatly boost its appeal.

The Right Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent should be highly experienced, easy to work with and able to provide glowing references. Aston Chase, which has maintained a sterling record of success since 1985, offers that kind of service. Its caring and meticulous staff members are dedicated to customer satisfaction above all else.

The right real estate agent will also specialise in the type of property a homeowner is selling. Likewise, a person who’s selling a luxury home in Camden, for example, should look for real estate agents with Camden expertise as opposed to real estate agents in London more broadly.

With such an agent at hand, the process of renting and selling will be free of stress, and it should be exciting and enjoyable as well.