What Is A Condo? No, It is Not Simply A Fancy Residence

The popularity of Condominium living is on the rise. The restricted widespread components shall be labeled as such, and each limited common ingredient depicted on the plats and plans shall bear the figuring out number or numbers of the unit or models to which it’s assigned, if it has been assigned, until the provisions of subsection (e) of ยง fifty five-79.50 make such designations pointless.condo

(e) Any shutters, awnings, doorways, home windows, window bins, doorsteps, porches, balconies, patios and any other apparatus designed to serve a single unit, however located exterior the boundaries thereof, shall be deemed a limited frequent ingredient appertaining to that unit exclusively; offered that if a single unit’s electrical grasp switch is situated exterior the designated boundaries of the unit, the change and its cowl shall be deemed a part of the frequent parts.

To the extent that any unit or frequent element encroaches on every other unit or common component, whether or not by motive of any deviation from the plats and plans in the development, repair, renovation, restoration, or replacement of any enchancment, or by cause of the settling or shifting of any land or enchancment, a valid easement for such encroachment shall exist.

The unit homeowners’ association, unit homeowners, and other individuals entitled to occupy a unit might carry out any obligation or exercise any right underneath any condominium instrument or any provision of this chapter by use of any technological means offering sufficient safety, reliability, identification, and verifiability.condo

The brand new items shall collectively share all rights, and shall be equally liable collectively and severally for all obligations, with regard to any limited widespread components assigned to the subdivided unit besides to the extent that the subdivider may have laid out in his written software that each one or any portions of any limited common component assigned to the subdivided unit completely should be assigned to one or more, but less than all of the new items, in which case the amendment to the declaration shall mirror the needs of the subdivider as expressed in such written utility.condo