Regulating the Property Market

The ever growing property market has contributed significantly to the growth of the economies of most countries in the world. Many are opting for this investment option because of the high interest rates and profit margins. We have seen some setup property investments in foreign nations. One country that has turned out to be a great place for most developers is Singapore. This is mostly because of the government policies set aside that have attracted most investors.

The Global Investor Program, popularly referred to as GIP is one that was started by the Singaporean government meant to grant foreign investors residency. Those who are willing to set up an investment in Singapore should be eligible and follow all the requirements. One should also get the right type of visa that describes their kind of stay in this country. You can visit Singapore’s immigration offices in your country or seek the help of several agencies that will help you get one fast.

Visit if you want to get your Singapore visa fast. The real estate market needs to be regulated, or this may result in the economic decline of a specific country. Rising house prices and interest rates are some of the signs that the property market within a particular nation is out of control. Governments must move in swiftly and act to avoid facing an economic decline. Here are some of the things they can do to regulate the property market in their specific nations.

Housing Prices

The increase in prices in the property market is one thing that has put this sector in a bubble. Most property owners or investors are hiking house rent and rates due to their increased demand. This can slow down the economy of a specific country. Governments should move in fast to regulate prices in this sector and reduce the chances of an economic decline.

Interest Rates

Governments should also move in fast to regulate the ever-rising interest rates in their property markets. Growing interest rates can affect the financing costs and mortgage rates which can lead to an economic decline. Coming up with policies that help in the regulation of housing prices and interest rates in the property market will help save the economies of specific countries.


Regular monitoring of the property market and everything taking place in it is essential for those that are considered fragile or operate in a manner which may not be beneficial to the economy of a specific country. Governments should come up with the right monitoring measures that will ensure everything is going smoothly.

Stamp Duty Rates

It is another regulatory measure that can be implemented in this sector. Those buying houses for the second time should pay high stamp duty rates. First-time buyers can be exempted or pay less. This can also apply to those building and additional property. Increasing stamp duty rates for second time home buyers or builders is common in most countries. All these regulatory measures make housing affordable and also reduce the chances of an economic decline.